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Company Profile of Tohoku Electronic Industrial (TEI) Co., Ltd.

TEI was founded in 1968 and has developed new instruments to realize an innovative company having with a motto "open up the future of photonics and electronics". We believe that precision instruments are essential to manufacture good products. TEI has successfully developed ultra high sensitive photo-counting apparatus under a contract "analytical instrument to evaluate the degradation of oil with an opto-electronic method" under financial support of the Government in 1976.

From their base in Miyagi, Japan, almost 500 instruments have been supplied to companies concerned with the stability of materials to oxidative degradation and also to research division concerned with the sensitive detection of peroxides in food or biomaterials,  or the estimation of  antioxidant ability. 

Especially polymer & plastic processors looking to improve product quality, determine the cause of defects, or optimize all stages of their moulding processes, are increasingly making use of chemiluminescence as an invaluable monitoring tool. A key merit of TEI’s ultra-sensitive instrument is its ability to detect the very early stages of degradation.

In Japan, the TEI instrument is widely used across the advanced material sector including medical plastics, elastomers, rubber, and the development of new materials and in the formulation of medical devices. Applications are well established for catheters, implants, tubing materials, films and tapes – and for determining drug stability.

Also they have been used in many research institutes in other countries, i.e., Sweden, United States, Australia, and Asian countries. More than 450 papers have been published by many researchers who used our CL apparatus in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, food, medical, high polymers, oil and fats, food and many others.

TEI is also a manufacturer of laser controlling units and systems.
We have a partial responsibility to develop a laser excitation component too.
Trading division in TEI have deal with many companies as a selling agency of different types of laser equipment, analytical instruments, and electronic devices. TEI have maintained reliability and satisfaction from customers by meeting or exceeding their needs through technical service network.


Company name Tohoku Electronic Industrial CO.,Ltd.
TEI President Dr. Rie Yamada
Date of TEI Founded April 1, 1968
Number of Employee 60
Major Products Chemiluminescence Analyzer, Chemiluminescence Spectrometer,Laser Controller, Laboratory Equipments etc.
Offices Head Office:
2-14-1 Mukaiyama, Taihaku-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 982-0841, Japan
Phone: +81-22-266-1611 FAX: +81-22-797-1614
Rifu Office:
6-6-6 Shirakasi-dai, Rifu Town, Miyagi, 981-0134, Japan
Phone: +81-22-356-6111 FAX: +81-22-356-6120
Tokyo Office:
203, Lapole-shinmaruko, 2-897 Shinmaruko Higashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, 211-0004, Japan
Phone: +81-44-411-1263 FAX: +81-44-411-1839
Kyoto Office:
4F-B, Kohei BLD. 717 Uematsu-cho,Shimogyo-ku, KyotoCity, Kyoto, 600-8028, Japan
Phone: +81-75-353-4366 FAX: +81-75-353-4367

Company News

Japan Government Award for Tohoku Electronic Industrial (TEI)

TEI was selected as “Introducing 300 of Japan's Dynamic Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Supporting the Japan of Tomorrow” by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,Japan, 2006.

Technology Award for Tohoku Electronic Industrial

The Japan Society of Polymer Processing Award was received as a result of the significant benefits conferred on Japan’s plastic moulding processors from use of TEI’s ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence instrument to quickly assess oxidative degradation:

  • ・Ability to determine extent of degradation of purchased raw materials
  • ・Moulding processing conditions optimisation
  • ・Development of new materials with improved stability
  • ・Assessment of stabilising effects of additives
  • ・Quality control of finished moulded plastic products
  • ・Use on recycled plastic materials: for quality & performance improvement, cost reduction, and shortened development times

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